Company Secretarial

All businesses need to be aware that regulatory requirements and legislation can change rather quickly. This makes it extremely important that you have your business in good corporate order so you won’t get caught out by changing regulations. You need to be able to rely on local knowledge and expertise that you are in full compliance.

As a business owner, the last thing you want to do is use your resources and time to ensure that you are in compliance with the Companies Act when you could be using your team more effectively. However, the strict time limits within which you need to file certain documents to Companies House and the potentially severe penalties at stake in addition to the administrative burden can cause a great amount of stress, confusion and use of resources to deal with. Business management must be fully aware of the continual changes that take place with company legislation and how these changes will affect the business and its directors. This is where the team at Eshmair Consulting, based in London, can help you enormously.

The Right Type of Experience

At first glance, administration surrounding the operation of a company may appear straightforward. However, it is always going to be more complicated than you first realise. Eshmair Consulting has a team of professional accountants with a mixture of corporate and commercial experience that are happy to accommodate your needs. Our accounting firm will offer you efficient and professional services in the following areas:

  1. Maintenance of statutory books
  2. Share issues and transfers
  3. Acting as corporate company secretary
  4. Company searches
  5. Updating memorandum and articles of association
  6. Preparation and online filing of your annual return.
  7. General advice on company law
  8. Preparation of documentation relating to resolutions and minutes
  9. Company registered address hosting
  10. Company and LLP formations


Whether you are reviewing your approach to local regulatory compliance or setting up your business entities, working with Eshmair Consulting an accounting firm in Hammersmith, London is always a smart choice for expert, UK based advice.

When you work with Eshmair Consulting, you can ensure attention to detail and compliance always. Call Eshmair Consulting to see how we can help and find out more about the many benefits we offer. We will make sure all ad hoc statutory documents are finalised and keep you fully advised of relevant deadlines. Why take the risk of a large fine or administrative headache when you can call Eshmair Consulting today and find out why we are the preferred accounting firm in London.