Self employed tax return London

Self employed tax return London

What is Self employed tax return London?

When operating through a limited company with taxable profits, you will need to pay corporation tax on these profits. A business is only required to pay corporation tax as a Limited Company. If this sounds a bit ambiguous, you may begin to understand why so many businesses need to have their corporation tax filed through an accounting firm such as Eshmair Consulting, a firm based in London with a team of experienced professionals who can tailor their services to your needs.

Do I Have to Pay?

If you are a UK-based business, you will have to pay corporation tax on your profits. This is true even if you earned that particular income overseas. If you have a ‘permanent establishment’ with which you trade in the UK (even though you are based elsewhere) you only pay corporation tax on taxable profits earned in the UK.

Self employed tax return London

Your Own Responsibility

Remember that if you need to pay corporation tax, you are responsible for informing HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) that you need to make payments. You will have to file a company tax return and pay the correct amount of corporation tax on time. If you want to avoid the stress this process can bring, why not seek the services of a professional company which can handle your corporation tax for you?

At Eshmair Consulting, we can offer our complete services when it comes to corporate tax matters, whether these are ongoing or annual. Not only will we determine how much you need to pay at any given time, we are also able to offer you advice when it comes to related company matters. Contact Eshmair Consulting for comprehensive advice relating to such matters including:

  1. Preparation of annual corporation tax returns
  2. Advice on all company matters such as directors’ remuneration
  3. Advice on group structure arrangements
  4. Advice on dividend payments
  5. Help with tax enquiries
  6. Help set out a payment plan wth HMRC if you are having cashflow issues.


Keep in mind that the HMRC applies strict penalties when your corporation tax is filed late. You need to make sure that you adhere to the deadlines and have specific deadlines in place for your company’s annual accounting needs.

Find out for yourself why so many companies make the switch to Eshmair Consulting – an accounting firm in Hammersmith, London that will take care of your needs. Let us help you meet your legal obligations while making sure that you take advantage of all the available allowances and minimize your corporation tax liabilities.

Call us on 0207 1234 100 or email us today for your corporation tax requirements and see how Eshmair Consulting can make a difference.

you in meeting your legal obligations.