Middle East

When considering expanding trade, you must think globally, considering the biggest, most lucrative global hubs for business. With these global hubs in mind, you simply cannot ignore Dubai. It is one of the most sought after destinations in the Middle East for a reason. As a UK firm aiming to expand in Dubai, it is practical and wise to use a UK accounting firm with knowledge of both UK and Middle East laws and regulations such as Eshmair Consulting.

Everything that you see in Dubai is shiny, modern and new, from the brand-new office parks to the sky-high spires. Dubai is truly representative of the area’s metamorphosis into a business mecca. The number of businesses that are being launched in Dubai continues to grow, and with good reason. In fact, the formation of a company in Dubai comes with several different benefits:

  1. Dubai is ideally located, serving as a trade hub between Africa, Asia and the Middle East
  2. When looking at the MENA region, Dubai has the most advanced logistics and transportation infrastructure
  3. It is easy for foreigners to do business in Dubai. This means that it is easy to get the proper permits, deal with taxes, trade across borders, and the actual company formation
  4. You can increase profitability on a large scale because there are no taxes in Dubai.


Restriction of Foreign Ownership

Because of the restriction of foreign ownership, company registration in mainland Dubai when working under the Dubai Economic Development department can be a challenge. That is why so many prefer to work with an accounting firm that understands the region. There are three categories to consider if you need to register a company in Dubai onshore. These include:

  1. Industrial – Packaging products for sale, processing or manufacturing goods
  2. Commercial –Think trading like retail sales
  3. Professional – Personally offered services such as management consultancy


Why Choose Eshmair?

At Eshmair Consulting, we can help you set up your new company, branch or a subsidiary of a UK company in Dubai. We have helped many international clients with their start-ups in Dubai with our in-depth understanding of the intricacies that come with this process. We can help provide you with knowledgeable and transparent advice when you need it to navigate the tricky situations you may face.

At Eshmair Consulting, we can help you make the process of expanding or starting a business in Dubai easier than ever. We offer you guidance on which structures would benefit your business needs, both presently and in the future. We can help with the legal documents related to company formation, translation, and notarization. If you are serious about your start-up in Dubai, it would be in your best interests to partner with Eshmair Consulting and employ their expertise.

Call us on 0207 1234 100 or email us today for all your start up requirements and see how Eshmair Consulting can make a difference.